I didn’t have a chance to go back to Longmire Days today… and, yes, seeing friends’ photo posts on Facebook with actors, directors, and production folks have made me a slight shade of green.  (There are lots of live videos on Craig Johnson’s Facebook page you can watch if you’re interested) But, after my late night drive home, I know it’s best I get some good sleep before I go back tomorrow!

I did get a chance to finish this.  I call it Pink-amino.

Get it?


Little Lacee likes pink… so a pink horse it was going to be!  I only had off white paint, so the mane had to be pink…

Any palomino is a pal-o-mine-o… Maybe Lacee will have this pinkamino as one of hers!

Lacee(photo courtesy of Tess Greet)



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  1. Lacee looks thrilled to have a Pink-amino especially made for her! Palominos are the best, and this one will give her lots of fun! Hope you, too, are enjoying Longmire Days.

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