Longmire Days – Day Three

Made my way over the ‘hill’ again to Durant (Buffalo), Wyoming and even home before midnight!

Attended a talk with Craig Johnson and Robert Taylor at the new and improved Johnson County Library (just reopened a month ago and IT IS GORGEOUS!).

Craig Johnson, Robert Taylor

Went to a concert in the park with local entertainer Jalan Crossland.

Jalan Crossland

Now, I haven’t been able to attend one of Jalan’s concerts in a while… so I was quite happy to sit on the grass and listen and watch all the actors stroll around… chatting with people, taking pics, and signing autographs.

Bailey Chase

My Red Dirt Shirt… remember that?… is getting quite covered in autographs.  I’ve started including real people who are characters in Craig’s books, and behind the scenes people like the Director and Assistant Director, etc.  I have photos of pretty much all of the actors and their autographs.

Oh, this year I managed to get an autograph from OMAR!


You know Omar?  He’s the character that Walt goes to if he needs help with guns… or maybe a helicopter ride…

All in all, a very easy going Longmire Days for me.  There were TONS more people there… so I actually just sat back, took very few pictures, but just enjoyed the atmosphere!

If you love the books, if you love the show… you should come.  It’s just a big family reunion!

With beer.Ranier


Longmire Days – Day Three — 6 Comments

  1. Hundreds of fans waited in line Saturday to meet actors from the Longmire TV series in Buffalo, Wyo. Longmire actors signed hats, posters and other memorabilia presented by fans of the series during the fifth annual Longmire Days on Saturday.

  2. Looks like a fun time! We got to hear Jalan at the Black Hills Bluegrass festival several years ago and loved him! Wish he would come back over this direction! I loved Longmire but don’t get to see it now that it’s not on A&E, boy did they screw up a good thing. HA!

    • Jalan is a kick! Yeah, A&E did mess up, but a Big Yay to Netflix for being smart! The Season 4 DVDs are out, I think…

  3. Is Longmire going to be on Netflix this season? I saw you mention a movie. Are they making a movie instead of a series? Love this show and hate that it was taken off A & E.

  4. So glad you had a great day and were able to sit back and watch Longmire Days pass by. Lucky you Love the photo of you and Omar and the others you have posted. Thanks.

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