Check Out a Library

Because a day that started with babysitting at 5:30 am and ended at 11 pm when the second batch of kids FINALLY fell asleep…

Because tomorrow is a BIG DAY at the Kids’ Rodeo in Ten Sleep…

Because tomorrow’s post should be full of cute photos…

Because you probably don’t want to hear my philosophy on “Children Today”…

Here’s the absolutely amazing, fascinating, creative, and talented mural at the newly remodeled Johnson County Library.  I went to listen about “Longmire” with Craig Johnson and Robert Taylor and because libraries are places I like to investigate wherever I travel… but I will go back just to stand in awe of this painting in the kid-friendly space!

Go Check Out A Library!  (This one especially!)



Check Out a Library — 6 Comments

  1. An amazing painting. So much detail and colour. As for kids/teens today…………. I try to think what my Mom and Dad went through in the 60’s. Teenagers were a new thing; there were protests about many things, rock bands with guys who had long hair, the music was LOUD. How they must have worried as to whether we would ever become decent citizens, get a job, or get married and settle down!!!!

  2. Well, I very much want to hear your philosophy on “Children Today”… but after the day you’ve had, I’m just glad you survived and won’t bug you… 😉
    Amazing mural; I imagine it will live for a long time in the memory of the little readers who frequent that library.

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