Something Else

The moon settled down into its nest of hills, its fullness red tinged from wildfire smoke.  I headed toward the barn, ready to halter Panama and saddle him in the coolness of the morning.  Soon, Brandon and Megan pulled up in the pickup, followed by Daniel.  Our crew was ready… Dally and Tuff impatiently waited outside the corral.

Bawling calves were ready to find their morning milk.  We circled behind them, driving them towards my house and then onward to the Mesa Pasture.


After a mile or so, they were paired up and marching up the red hills.

pairDaniel counts them through the gate…

countBy 9:45 they’re in the pasture and mothered up.

gateAn hour later we’re home… and ready for a short break before finding something else to do!


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  1. Nice pictures again. I especially like the gate picture! Something about the light and contrast really jumps out at me.

  2. Scale of 1 to 10, pictures rate an approx. 92. Would have been higher, but there weren’t enough pictures! Gorgeous. Thank you.

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