I was going to build a simple bench from 4×4’s and concrete blocks… maybe not the most comfortable, but when we are all around the fire pit, it would be good enough seating for cooking marshmallows.  That was the plan, until I went to the lumberyard and found treated pine 4×4’s were going for $13 each.  Times 6.

Well… that would be a bit more than I expected for some reason… then I noticed the sale flier.

“All garden supplies 60% off”

Have any benches?


So, Vernon and I wandered out back and there sat two metal benches.

$20 each.


I’ll take them both!

The salesman questioned us, “You want a fountain too?  It’s about this big” his hands flailing about the size of a large breadbox.

“Twenty dollars?” asked Vernon…

“More like $35.” the salesman replied.

“Make it twenty and we’ll take it!”

“Hey,” I protested, “We don’t even know what it looks like!”

“Well, I can guess I can do twenty…”

“But we don’t know what it looks like!” I wailed.

“We’ll take it!” Vernon stated.

So… for $60, I now have two new garden benches, and a fountain about 3 feet tall…

a little bigger than expected!

With a smidge of blue paint to match my roof and planters… they look pretty cute!

And what a deal!

benchpaintingfinished bench




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  1. Looks great. The touch of blue really sets them off. I also love the went for this and came back with that. Oh, how I can relate. Good to be creative. 🙂

  2. WOW! The benches are wonderful! What a deal. But I’m with many of the others above……….fountain, please!

  3. Hey now….you forgot the fountain!! We want to see it, too. The benches are so, so pretty. I love the greenish/blue colors. Great job! Thank you for sharing! When the morning isn’t going like we planned, it is so nice to open up and see your pictures.

  4. Wow! Great deal on the benches and fountain. The benches look great with the blue. I want to see the fountain too!

  5. Good impulse shopping! And you saved $18 just on the 4x’s. And if you already had the concrete block you can save them for something else. Otherwise, you saved what ever they cost these days, too.

    I saw the plans for some “garden benches” made from pallets on the internet the other day. They looked cute but I wondered about splinters.

  6. Great deal for sure!! I love the blue paint that matches your roof. And it will provide a nice restful place to enjoy all the wonderful land and sky around you.

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