I’m a little late this morning… didn’t feel like fighting my internet connection last night!

I spotted a weasel in one of the junk piles around here yesterday morning… but I’m very happy to report all my chickens are still safe as of this morning… plus… look!

pullet eggMy very first pullet egg!  They’re so cute!  Hopefully, I’ll just continue to get more and more barring weasels…

And since everyone is crazy to see the fountain (I admit, I knew I was in trouble for not having a pic of it to post…), here’s where I’ve been taking my morning coffee lately…

front doorchairfountain



Fountain! — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, worth the wait to see this! And you definitely got your (Vernon’s) $20 worth and then some by adding this to the ensemble. As Peg said, the softly running water is so soothing. You may have trouble pulling yourself away to get on with your tasks for the day. I can see the middle band getting a coat of blue when the fountain goes on winter break, to coordinate with the pots, the bench backs, the watering can. Just took a look to see if the Adirondacks might also benefit from a touch of it – and my goodness, they are gliders!! Between that and the fountain, I would probably never get anything done.

  2. Oh what a great deal you had at the lumber yard. Your very own coffee break ‘garden’. It looks wonderful. Do you have a WY view while sipping your coffee? If so please can we have a photo.

  3. Nice! I love being on our patio with two fountains…the water sound is so soothing! And your “potted fountain”…another one of Carol’s artistic creations!

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