Straightening up a mess on the mountain today, our cows decided to wander… my three kids and I rode and Vernon zipped around in the side by side, putting out salt and mineral and fixing fence along the way.

Once settled in the new pasture, the cows and calves seemed pretty content…

happy cowsThey should… the best tasting spring on the planet is in this pasture, and the grass looks tasty!

The calves look pretty good…

calfThe neighbor’s wandering horses seem to like our pasture as well.

horsesFor puzzle fans…

previewWandering Herd

PLUS!  It’s ALREADY the 7th of August… are you ready for another Q&A??? Post your question here… I’ll do my best to answer them!



Wanderers — 6 Comments

  1. A question. Carol, you often give a list of foods you are preparing for branding or family celebrations. Do you have a favourite main and dessert that you enjoy preparing and eating?.

  2. I know you have lots and lots of acreage as do most ranches out there, so how far do did the horses wander to get to your pasture? How much damage did the fires burn and how close to your ranch?

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