Wordless Wednesday – “Country Living”



Happy 27th birthday, Brandon!!! I love you!


Any more questions for the Q&A?


Wordless Wednesday – “Country Living” — 3 Comments

  1. That’s a picture for the calendar. Do you do any special training of your dogs so they learn to stay away from rattlesnakes ?

  2. A great photo Carol. What a view. Have a great birthday Daniel. ? Carol, are you like my sister who still calls her son Daniel, which is his name, whereas the rest of the world calls him Dan. Bad aunty J who has at times put Dan on birthday cards!!!!!

  3. What a beautiful scene! Brandon is 27 yrs old?! My goodness, I’ve been following you since he was in college. These years do fly by too quickly, and the older I get, the quicker they fly by! Ha!

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