Red Photos

There’s nothing more frustrating than wandering around my house at night, wondering where in the sam hill my camera is…

It’s usually so permanently attached to me until I get in the house and then it seems to go walkabout…

I have been painting the past few days… a continuation of last year’s improvements around here.  I know many of you preferred the old, rustic, faded paint of our outbuildings… but they need maintenance, no matter your preference, so a new coat of paint was needed.

Since I used two different cameras to take the photos… I now have the before pics and not the after…


Since one is much weaker without the other, I’ll just share this pic, showing the wet paint over the faded… and don’t worry, it dries a much darker red!

paintOh, hey.  I just remembered.

My camera is out on the trampoline!!!  Well, so are the grandsons again… so, I’m off… perhaps more red photos tomorrow!!!

Go watch the Perseids…there were some good ones last night!!

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