Questions and Answers – August 2016 Edition

Marilyn:  How do you find buried pipeline? You must have some new device to do that?

The device is called a shovel… a thing that doesn’t necessarily like to work on very hot days… 😉

Carole:  I know you have lots and lots of acreage as do most ranches out there, so how far do did the horses wander to get to your pasture? How much damage did the fires burn and how close to your ranch?

The horses are just from the next ranch over, so they just had to cross a fence somewhere.  We haven’t found the hole, but we do have an area on a very steep hillside that is just dead logs and  limbs tossed into a fenceline – ish… If they wanted to, I suppose they could have jumped that!  Thankfully, this year we haven’t had a big fire close to us.  The biggest one was the Hatchery Fire in Ten Sleep Canyon which is 26 miles away.  It burned 2,500 acres.  Idaho has the biggest fire going currently at 73,000 acres.  If you’d like to investigate wildland fires besides the ones from California that seem to make the news… go to for a current list.  You can sort by state…

Joanne:  Carol, you often give a list of foods you are preparing for branding or family celebrations. Do you have a favourite main and dessert that you enjoy preparing and eating?.

Favorite is just roast beef… cooked all day long slowly in a crock pot for fall apart tenderness, and I guess the family favorite for dessert would have to be German Chocolate Cake… most of us ask for it for our birthdays!!!

crazysheeplady: Do you have wild horses in your area?

The closest are probably those by Cody, Wyoming, which is two hours away from here.

Sandy G.:  What is a “medicine wheel” that you mentioned?

Ah… excellent!  Deserving of its own blog entry… which I had *thought* I had made at some point in time… and I *thought* I had cool pics of it… neither of which can be found at this moment.  Give me a day or two, and I’ll post/repost my Medicine Wheel entry.  For now… here’s a link.

Joanne:  Carol, are you like my sister who still calls her son Daniel, which is his name, whereas the rest of the world calls him Dan.

Daniel has ALWAYS been Daniel to everyone.  He was never Danny and rarely Dan.  I like full names, although we did shorten Victoria to Ta when the boys were little and that’s what they could say… and Toria as she grew… but NEVER Vicky.  Brandon has never had to battle a nickname!

Kay:  Do you do any special training of your dogs so they learn to stay away from rattlesnakes ?

No.  My dogs don’t pay much attention to snakes.  With the caveat of last week when a little bull snake was in my yard.  Knowing that bull snakes eat mice, I forgave him for trespassing… and threw him out of my yard.  Eden wouldn’t leave him alone.  Now, had it been a rattlesnake, this entire story would have been different, but she had to mess with him, I guess because I had to pick him up with the shovel a few times before I was successful.  She is the only English Shepherd I’ve had that has messed with a snake.  Usually if we run into one while riding, I rush off, telling them to “leave it”… and they do.  Custer, an Aussie/Whippet, who never made it into this blog, was bit on the muzzle once.  It swelled to the shape and size of a football… but he lived!

Marilyn:  I LOVE the red paint! But I can’t imagine doing it all by hand. Hope you have a paint sprayer??

Oh, heavens, YES!!!!  Doing it by hand would take me FOREVER!

Thanks, folks!


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  1. Great questions and answers as usual. Thanks.

    FYI – do you get the Smithsonian channel?? Today I watched an episode of “Mighty Ships” – the world’s largest transporter of cattle (and sheep). It was fascinating: pickup up 16,000 cattle (Australia) and transport to Indonesia. The whole process, and the tour of the custom ship made me want to tell you, and all the Greets to try and watch if it comes on again. 🙂

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