Megan’s Gift

With Megan and presents, you’ll have pretty good luck if it has something to do with the Beatles/1960’s or the Wizard of Oz…

Sorry, Dorothy…

I went with “Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll”, oh, and a little hippy VW bug!



Megan’s Gift — 6 Comments

  1. Oh how cool I would have looked if I’d had a pair of theses in 1966 to go with my pink and grey Paisley skirt. Long gone now, but fondly remembered. Well done Carol. A beautiful gift.

  2. Paisley…the peace sign…and Herbie the Love Bug!!! wow these are cute!! Takes me back. 🙂 Great job, Carol. You should take custom orders!

  3. Carol, these are such wonderful art pieces…I’ve coveted all the shoes you’ve done. Did you ever find a protectant for them? I thought of artist spray for pencil and pastels. Cannot imagine where you find time to do your crafts. Thanks for your blog and FB posts.

  4. These knock me out. Mega cool and so very cute!
    Oh, and I love the banner photo, complete with your horse’s ears… another one with great puzzle potential… 🙂

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