Sometimes it would be nice to run across town, load up your repaired four wheeler on your pickup and get back home a half an hour later.  Convenience is a Very Nice thing…

The hard part for a rancher would be finding where to stash his cattle and fields and tractors in town so that he *could* zip across town and enjoy that convenience.

Obviously, it doesn’t work that way, so after lunch, Vernon and I were off to Riverton, two hours away, to pick up Daniel’s four wheeler.  I believe Daniel was busy cutting hay… We wrote the check, loaded the four wheeler on the flatbed… and were ready to come home five minutes after arriving in town.

We spent some time drooling over some new Honda Pioneer SxSs and Arctic Cat’s “convert to a flatbed” SxS. Wow… they’ve come so far… and the price is so high!!  $17,000+ for the Pioneer with the flip up seating…  whooooooeeeeeee. Very nice if you want to haul grandkids around, but the Arctic Cat looked like a better work vehicle…

More time spent in a quick trip to the ranch supply store.  I tried on different hats and colors, just in case I *do* go to Greeley in a couple of weeks to get my custom cowboy hat ordered. I have to have some sort of idea for color and style…

Finally, we ate supper out…

And cruised back home, arriving just at dark.

Now, aren’t you glad you can just drive across town for your errands?



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  1. Yes, convenience is a great thing, but you get to make each trip an ‘event’! Do you find more stuff in Riverton than in Worland? Or Casper? Or even farther? When I was living/working in Lander/Riverton area, I frequently went to Casper for stuff (found it to be more like the usual ‘cities’).

    Being basically a city girl, I found the different feel of each town in Wyoming fascinating. Cheyenne felt like a big cow town, Rawlins was oil and gas, Lander was climber/artsy, Casper felt very suburban, Cody very western, Evanston kind of a sleepy stop on your way west. Rock Springs was just a burg on the I-80 corridor and jumping off place for destinations south.

    I’m sure these are very uninformed impressions, but I did find the different vibes interesting and unique! (Worland felt very rough-and-ready).

  2. So very different from my ‘shopping’ . In the early days here, no car, it was a 30 minute walk pushing child in stroller, partly across common land, after dropping off other child at school. Only a small supermarket, open till 8pm only on a Thursday. I wore the stroller out before I could pass it back to my sister. Then we got a small bus. A challenge to get shopping, 3yr old and stroller up one step onto bus. NOW they can lower the step for strollers and wheelchairs. How life has changed. 15 minute drive to large supermarket now. Open till 10. But my scenery is not WY.

  3. Good thing you have that gorgeous Wyoming scenery to look at while you’re driving. Makes it endurable, if not convenient. We live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula now, an hour from Walmart, and the scenery is much different but still makes the drive worthwhile.

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