#TBT: Young Teamster

I just *have* to start my first Throwback Thursday with one of my favorite photos!  Since I’ve declared my #TBT able to use any old photos that include me, my family, or the ranch…

Here’s a very young Johnny Greet at his first job that he remembers doing on the ranch.  He’s driving the stacker team… you can see the stack behind him.

I don’t suppose many people these days would let their kids drive a team at age seven!

John Greet2


#TBT: Young Teamster — 4 Comments

  1. Cool picture – I have a book recommendation for you: “High, Wide, and Lonesome” by Hal Borland. I hope you can get it and sit in your adirondack
    chairs to enjoy a great read.

  2. I think those parents had as much trust in the horses as they did in the kids. There was an adult on the stack. I can remember putting up hay that way when we first came to Wyoming but I was watching, not helping.

  3. I have the feeling that you have a grandson or 2 that could do it. Really, lots of 7 year-old kids these days aren’t given the chance to do lots of things they could probably do. I think that kids do well as long as they know the dangers of the situation and why and how they need to look out for.

    Great picture.

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