Working Well

More riding today… and early this morning at 48˚ with a wind blowing… that mountain was definitely feeling like fall!  So when the tire on the horse trailer went flat… I just stayed inside the cab… not much for me to do but stand there and get cold!

flat tireWe’re getting awfully good at this… ah, the joys of gravel roads…

sortingThis pasture is one we share with a neighbor… and discussion was held on which way, where, and when…

decisionsAfter sorting our respective bunches, we helped the neighbors start their cows down the mountain.  After a while, once their cows were falling downhill quite nicely… we returned and kicked ours into the adjoining pasture.

Remember the search for the pipeline from a few weeks ago??? Well, the guys finished it without my help… and we introduced this herd to the new water.  It’s working quite well!



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