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When the weather throws us for a loop, there’s usually plenty of “inside” chores available.

I, for one, spent the day COOKING!

I know, my friends are reading this, choking, gagging, laughing, because I’m very fond of NOT COOKING.

Well, it was cold and gloomy and after building a fire in my wood stove, I *still* needed to warm up the house… so… BROWNIES.

Then, my mom’s recipe for homemade rolls, just cuz.

Then, I really dove in and decided for Preg Testing Day (aka Friday), I’d make cinnamon rolls.  And I always double the recipe!  Multiple hours and 15 cups of flour later… my house is warm and smells wonderful.  And I have a kitchen to clean up.

Daniel worked on his pickup.

Brandon and Vernon spent the day cleaning and reorganizing the shop!  It looks amazing and if I’d known they were going to do such an amazing job, I would have taken “before” photos, because “after” photos aren’t good enough to stand alone.

So… I’ll just share a little love…

Quinlan and Lorelei had some bonding time with the kitties whom Quinlan has dubbed Happy and CutiePuss.  I’m not really sure about those names…

petLorelei had a little problem cornering Happy.  Or CutiePuss.

I definitely need to come up with some different names!

here kitty



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  1. So cute! Naming cats can be really hard. We got a couple kittens recently here at my sister’s and somehow managed to pretty much name them on the way home. They are Musket and Saber and it just seems to fit. The names did start out on the opposite kittens and switched because the one who is now Musket took off like a shot at the first chance. lol

  2. First, figure out how to tell them apart. Who is who? What’s so bad about Happy and Cutie Puss?
    Naming cats is hard. We have a black and white feral that we are feeding. She has no real name — I call her kiddo most of the time.
    Anyway, love the post.

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