Autumn Haying

Vernon and Daniel went to help a neighbor with a leak in one of her waterlines on the mountain.  Many of the mountain springs are “developed”, meaning they either have a water tank installed and/or a pipeline.  Moving water to different places leads to cattle utilizing more areas to graze… and so, water is a Big Deal in this country, where annual rainfall measures about 14″.  They also bring down our little excavator.

Brandon continued with his electricity re-model of the tin shop.  I check on him on occasion, making sure he hasn’t fallen off the ladder, or lending a hand if needed.  It’s something I’d rather do than clean, but I do keep returning to my house to do laundry and pick up a few more things!

Vernon and Daniel are back for a late lunch, and Daniel switches to mowing hay around my house and the first bottom field.

I pull out my paint can and begin a touchup of my garage doors.  They simply will not hold paint for very long.  It doesn’t matter if I prime or not, they take too much abuse from sun and heat and water and paint is continually peeling.  The weather is supposed to cool down, and I know I’m facing winter with my painting projects.  I need to pick them back up and finish them!

Your pic of the day is Daniel cutting hay with autumn colors in the boxelder trees.





Autumn Haying — 7 Comments

  1. That is a beautiful photo. I felt like I was right there, smelling the wonderful scent of new mown hay! That is one for your calendar and a puzzle, IMHO!

  2. What a wonderful picture. My husband Mickey stood and ooh-ed and aah-ed over it. The colors are beautiful, and I can almost see the tractor moving through the field, cutting down long ribbons of hay. Thanks.

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