Fall Rolling In


So far .88″


Just rain, but they’re calling for snow down to 8000′ tonight and tomorrow.

Looking up at the Big Horns this morning, I figured it was going to be a cool and dreary day.  I was asked to teach a pysanky class this morning and tomorrow morning to various art teachers from all over Wyoming.  Up at Meadowlark Ski Lodge.  About 8000′!


Surprisingly enough, it was pretty nice up there today!  After lunch, the clouds started rolling in though…

Lucas and I drove around in search of fall color.  The dog that once posed for me All The Time, now seems to avoid my camera.  He would lie in the tall grass, or hide in the willows… and I didn’t get one pic with him in it.  He’s getting to be like me!

I should have made him pose… seems like a while since I got a good pic of my boy!

I have lots of pics to share…

I hope you like them!

creekclifffoggy trees

Click on the puzzles to work them!previewTen Sleep CreekpreviewTen Sleep CanyonpreviewBack Road Fog


Fall Rolling In — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks again for the wonderful puzzles. I have passed your site on to a friend here in California and he says he enjoys it so much.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Beautiful photos, and thank you much for the puzzles! I love them. I liked Holly’s comment about Autumn being an apology for the winter ahead! I was feeling like the glory of Fall brought such joy–now I have a good answer for its pleasures to sustain us through dreary winter days.

  3. I noticed that vehicles coming down off the mountain had snow on them, which I think has an elevation of about 7,000 feet, so, while I can’t see evidence of it, we must have received some.

    Seems like moisture this time of year should be snow.

  4. Ohhhhh beautiful fall pictures. Thanks Carol. Everyone seems to be enjoying your pysanky class. Meadowlark Ski Lodge looks an ideal place for crafting.

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