The Bestest Part

“No rest for the wicked, and the righteous don’t need any!”

I grew up with that saying…

I’m not sure where we fall, but after the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame party, it was back to work!

On the agenda… weighing calves.

We do this every year… getting an idea how our calves and breeding plan are doing.  We weigh each calf individually.

Brandon and Johnny did the weighing and recording.

scaleThis is a certified scale… I’m just glad they don’t give us demerits for cleanliness of the table top!

Each calf comes on the scale.

Their number and sex is called out. (double checking that we wrote them down correctly at birth!)

They’re weighed.

They’re gone.


Along the way… Lucas helps.

LucasHe’s thinking “youcan’tseeme… youcan’tseeme!”

Then the gate is opened and he can get up and encourage them out!

helpingThat’s the bestest part!


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