The Sky Doesn’t Fit In My Camera Lens

Predicted rain showers and cool winds.  Nevertheless, we decided to wean our small bunch of calves, so the boys and I saddled our horses, and Johnny and Vernon loaded their four wheelers into a different horse trailer, and we were off!

This leased pasture is only about a half an hour’s drive from home, but by the time we arrived, we could see a rainstorm headed our way, flaunting a double rainbow in the early morning light.  We elected to don our slickers even before riding off, there was no doubt we were going to get rained upon!  The question was simply, how much?

skyThe sky doesn’t fit in my camera lens.

rainIt’s raining in this pic. And I would say we’re riding east!

Johnny and Vernon took off to the far corners of the pasture, and we rode the rocky hilltop.

By the time we’d reconvened along a fenceline, the storm was over, and the sun began to emerge.  We had been happy to have our slickers along, but once the sun comes out, they can get pretty warm, pretty fast!

brandonThis camera has all kinds of filters…

DanielThey’re kind of hard to resist!



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