Craig Johnson Visit

A quick visit from my ol’ buddy…

He was speaking at a book signing/dinner over at the Red Reflet Ranch.  It was Extremely Nice to only have to drive 13 miles to a superb supper and enjoyable visit with Craig and Judy Johnson.  And, in case you haven’t been watching, his latest book, An Obvious Fact, debuted at #6 on the New York Times bestseller list.  Season Five of “Longmire” on Netflix was released not too long ago, as well… but no spoilers please, I’m only on Episode 2!

Craig JohnsontrioWe always try to do a “cheek to cheek” snapshot… and I always look… bleh… someday I will smile in one of these…


Craig Johnson Visit — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, I think that is a great photo of you all. As for Longmire!! Drat, I deleted (yes deleted) by accident S3 off my hard drive (sigh). That will be Christmas gift to myself from Amazon. Here in UK we’re still waiting for TMC to show S5, then after that free TV will show it on 5USA . I’m guessing the new year though my son in law will record it for me from TMC. Still working my way through the books

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