It’s that time of year again.

Hunting season.

The roads are crazy busy.

There are hunting camps everywhere.

People from mainly Wisconsin and Minnesota, but California and Arizona and Colorado and other places have descended into Wyoming.

Collision Orange is the color of the season.

Most are here for deer.  Others elk.  A few for antelope and fishing as well.

Ten Sleep’s Hunter Fest was today.  Free hamburgers.  hunter fest(Quite the line this year!)

Raffles for rifles and quilts, etc.  My favorite was a Spotting Scope, which I didn’t win… I worked for the Friends of the Library… promoting the Harvest Dinner tomorrow night, our raffle, selling tshirts and scarves and a few donated hunting DVDs.

friendsThen we had a little fun with the Search and Rescue guys.  One of my friends works in an ER in Chicago, and she loved the one wheeled rescue cart.  I helped her out by showing how I could be “rescued”.




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