Shop Difference

It all began with opening a door… as so many journeys do!

Remember when the humongous door fell off the shop when Daniel opened it??? and I was SO grateful that it didn’t hurt or kill him???  Well, we knew it was time for overhead doors.  Easier to open and close, a tighter seal, and they wouldn’t blow open in high wind!

So there was a little framing to make an overhead door fit… then the electricity needed some work.

Then we talked insulation.

And framing it out with OSB.

And new windows instead of fiberglass.

Then the OSB overhead didn’t work so well, so we canned that idea… and went back to spray foam. Then we bought the windows.  Then, holy cow!  We were working hard!

Today, we call it “finished” although we need two more gallons of paint… and some gravel… What a difference!

shopimg_3071 img_3097 img_3098


Shop Difference — 6 Comments

  1. What a lot of hard work went into your shop ‘transformation’. It looks great ( and neat and tidy. Will it stay like that I wonder).

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