#TBT: Six Horse Hitch

teamA six horse hitch is leaving the home place.  The barn is still the same, but there’s a few more buildings and a corral in this place now.


#TBT: Six Horse Hitch — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting picture…I tried zooming in a little! Looks like a possible female person behind the drivers. Maybe they are taking extra horses to the field, to hitch to a larger wagon. ?? Nice comments today.

  2. This one makes me wonder why? Six horses for a heavy job, I get. Looks like one team could pull that wagon. I’m sure there is a reason but I will never know what it is.

  3. How well I remember my grandpa hitching up a team of four horses to harvest the corn on his farm which he started in 1903. My uncle inherited that farm and now my cousin, now a corporation, run by three generations living there as huge tractors pick the corn, shuck and shell it, eight rows at a time, blowing those kernals into the truck from 2,000 acres in Nebraska!

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