Lost Blue

You have to return to “normal life” so fast when these quick trips are over… how do dishes and clothes stack up so badly when you’re gone for just two days????

The guys started work on the water in the badlands pasture.  We will move the cows there in a week or so, so water tanks must be filled, pipelines repaired, fences checked, and whatever else seems to pop up.

I didn’t tag along… but a few weeks ago, I promised you this.

My vase from the “Pint and Pottery” at the Ten Sleep Brewery…

There was supposed to be more turquoise, but it cooled too fast, and lost the blue.  I still am a big fan… this was fun!



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  1. That is a beautiful vase, Carol! It turned out great. You are so darn talented! You could really open your own craft store with all of your different talents on display there. It would be a great place to shop. But I know you do and have many other things to do now, but maybe some day!?? 😉

  2. Very classy and modern looking at the same time. The burgundy and silver trim stands out beautifully on the grey…like a fancy ribbon. Kudos to you!

  3. This looks wonderful. Just ready for flowers or fall foliage. You must check out the Emma Bridgewater shop and painting cafe in Stoke on Trent UK. Coffee, tea and cakes whilst painting your choice of pottery and visiting with friends. Heaven indeed.

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