Heeyah, Ponies

Victoria and family arrived last night and my internet was acting up, so I quickly conceded defeat about posting and went to bed!

This morning, I jumped right in the middle of things, getting the grandkids to help feed the chickens, play in the new shop, maul the kitten, haul wood, and clean my garden a smidge, and then putting Matt and Victoria to work lifting and carrying my big flower pots to the garage.  The dogs found some mice hiding in my garden… and I let my chickens in to clean up the mess of frozen tomatoes left behind!  I cut off some sunflowers and we gathered the seeds, brined them, and dried them up!  I *did* burn the second bunch… argh… all that work and then I burned them in the oven.

Of course, I was off doing something else… We were going to celebrate Jaxon’s birthday a little early with pizza and cake tonight.  A few weeks ago, his poor little stick horse had a major wreck and his head was split in two.  I had decided to have it repaired by today.

Had I?


Carol loves to procrastinate.

After a close look, I decided it would be almost easier to make a new one than try to repair the old one… and then Victoria mentioned Matthew didn’t even *have* a stick horse… and that he’d been using a golf club as a stick horse.  Well, OK.  Challenge accepted.

I was ten minutes late to the party… but Jaxon has a new stick horse… and so does Matthew.


(The cake:  Jaxon wanted a gun on his cake… he got it!  And the cake is a target with bullet holes in it!)

target cakeThe new stick horses…

stick horsestick horseThey seemed to be a hit with both boys.  This is the best pic I could get of Jaxon on his… his new horse just COULDN’T stand still!



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  1. Nice work Grandma! We still have our Tori’s stick horse. It’s been to endurance rides and went through the vet check with the rest of the horses, besides all the trips around the farm. I’m sure Jaxon’s and Matthew’s will turn out to be great roping and roundup horses. 🙂

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