Ah, the day of the year that is very unpopular… with our bulls.  Today we semen tested and trich tested the bulls.  It’s a necessary process… a bull with no live semen doesn’t help the ranch out any… and trich testing is for the health of our herd.  The fact that you have to *get* a semen sample to test is the first hurdle.

This picture about encapsulates it all…


It includes pipettes and sample tube and slides and a microscope and lots and lots of lubricant.


You want more?  I got it… or we can move on.

Not everything in life is pretty.  Or romantic.  Sometimes it is simply necessary.  Just do what you gotta do, and do it the best you can.  And get up tomorrow and do another job that’s needed, and do that job the best you can.  Pretty much sums up our life.


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