2017 Calendar

I spent a large part of the day creating my 2017 calendar.  I’m weeks behind what I had planned, and still didn’t finish because I had some final picking up to do outside.  A storm is coming in tomorrow, rain and snow, with highs in the 20˚s on Thursday.  I will be working my days at the library as usual, so this was going to be my last chance for a few more days.

I only have a few more pics to enter… I should put this supermoon *somewhere*, right?

I try to tuck some of my favorites in a folder as the year goes by… and I take a peek at my “Wordless Wednesdays”… but I still scroll through my thousands of photos to find a flag for Flag Day, and a spooky one for Halloween (perhaps that supermoon?), and those are the ones that take the time.

If you have a favorite, now’s the time to speak up!

This face makes the cover… just because he has my heart!

LucasI’ll be posting the link to purchase your calendar SOON!


2017 Calendar — 7 Comments

  1. Love your pic of the pooch. This would make a darling puzzle, don’t you think? Have a pleasant and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Calendar ideas: the turkey roosting above one of your guys chopping ice in the creek…the dogs waiting with Panama’s head and reins on the left…nice bright red photo of the citadel…and finally shadow rider in front of red rocks. I also love the one lone buckskin horse with lots of faded blue sky.
    Thank you for all the time this will take to create another prize-winning calendar.

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