One of the things that has happened to me while writing this little blog, is the internet friendships I’ve forged.

First of all, there are you guys, my faithful readers, who comment and encourage, or are quiet but helpful in your own way… 😉

There are people like Kari in Montana… who wrote the funniest ranch blog I had ever read… and now, years later, has actually written books! and Good Books, at that!

There are people in my agriculture bloggers group… many who now travel and spread the word of ag and cotton… or the dairy industry… or farming – and we recognize each other’s names and share opinions and help with blogging set-up and give “thumbs up” to each other when needed.

Then, there’s another guy that’s pulled many of us together over on his Agriculture Proud page.  His name is Ryan and he has developed into a busy, busy guy from the ag student I first met.  Six years ago, yes, SIX!, he did a series about being Ag-Thankful.  He asked me to write a guest post on the topic – and I did.  The other day, he put out another link to that post… and I went and re-read it.

Wow.  How things have changed around here… and not.

Since we’re coming up on Thanksgiving week, I thought I’d link to it and let you read it. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made over this funny, weird thing called the internet.  I’m glad you’re here.

Thank you.

“Carol is Ag-Thankful”


Ag-Thankful — 8 Comments

  1. Sometimes I’m amazed to realize I’ve been reading your blog for as long as I have. You are enough a part of my life that I have family members familiar with my references to you and things you write about. I haven’t stuck with any other blog nearly this long.

  2. Carol, I’m thankful that I found your wonderful blog through the English Shepherd Club when I got Taffy (2005-ish). I love everything you post about dogs, horses, ranch life, family, your crafts, and beautiful Wyoming. I look forward to reading it the first thing in the morning with my new ES, Sandy who loves to cuddle at my feet while I do computer.

  3. A great read on Ag-thankfull. I love reading your blog about life under the Wyoming sky. So different from my middle England life. I still have big sky views living half way up a hill. I’m so very thankful for that. At times there are even cattle on the hills. A few horse riders will pass by as they follow a Bridle path leading to an open common. In late summer there might be a JD tractor cutting the grass leaving the edges where a few wild flowers will re seed. But now, when hanging laundry out (in the warmer months) early in the morning you can hear the gentle hum of traffic on the main road as people make their way to work. Thank you for sharing your ranch and craft life with us Carol.

    • I’m very happy you’re here… I loved touring around England with my BritRail Pass a LONG time ago. I spent three weeks there and had a wonderful time! Keep reading and keep commenting… I enjoy your comments!

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