Yeah… a little romantic prose and then… the stomach flu hits us and we all feel just… peachy.

I’m finally back to normal tonight, but behind in everything.

Another photo to pass the time…

We are survivors around here!

buckA nice whitetail buck wouldn’t pose for me… he’s safe for this year.

turkeysThis is about 1/4 of the flock of turkeys… season’s still open, but I don’t think it’ll hurt them!


Happy birthday, Megan… I will see you when the germs dissipate!


Survivors — 2 Comments

  1. Love the turkeys! I have a get-well story for you. I was visiting friends at their cabin with 35 acres of woods and a big creek. It was dusk. All of a sudden we saw the heads of about 12 turkeys walking in line – just saw their heads because their bodies were a bit below the rise of the land. It was right behind the cabin, only 50 feet away. Very cool! My friends said they were on their way to roost in the trees. I didn’t stay overnight, but I guess in the morning when the turkeys do arouse for the day, the sound of them leaving the trees is quite a thing! 🙂

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