Calendar Lessons

Well, lesson learned.  I didn’t keep promoting my little calendar contest… and also, I seemed to make it too hard as well!

But you can’t change the rules afterwards, can you?

Nevertheless, I’d like to thank those who *did* read and follow the rules, which were:

*go to my calendar, and check out the photo on September 19.  (It’s my little fun favorite holiday “Talk Like a Pirate Day”)

*give your best guess on to why I may have chosen that photo

*entries with the correct answer will be in the running for a Red Dirt calendar

I’d like to congratulate Nancy on being the winner!

I did pick the little calf with the eye patches to represent Talk Like a Pirate Day.

eye patchIf you’d like to order the calendar… go HERE.

If you’d like to play the jigsaw puzzle of this cutie, click on the box below.  It may be a little tougher than usual with all that black!  Go for the challenge!

previewCalf Closeup


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