We’ve been enduring cold weather here… -16˚ at its worst.  The temperatures that make the snow squeak, chickens stay in their coops, and my dogs lay in the snow comfortably.  I know.  My dogs just LOVE the cold weather!  Strange creatures.

My internet has been out since yesterday.  I started and restarted, unplugged and plugged, finally having to call customer service.  They, of course, had me start and restart, unplug and plug, all to no avail.  Well, we will send out tech support.  Who called me from the road and asked if I had started and restarted, unplugged and plugged.

Yes.  No internet.

They showed up later, pulled out their own laptop and plugged it in.  They had internet!


No answers, just more questions, but the internet was back in service!  Yay!

The guys all headed to Riverton to watch some of our cows sell… but I stayed home to finish Christmas decorating and cleaning.  I’m not finished… but closer than I was… and, best of all… I’m back online.


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  1. Supposed to be warmer today. Cloudy and grey but I guess it is winter. Some times those days with everyone gone and no interruptions are welcome. When they get home, there are usually stories to tell and it just makes a nice break for everyone.

  2. Glad you are back on line Carol. Maybe ‘digital’ dislikes the cold as much as it dislikes doing stuff quickly on a Friday afternoon when it’s ready for the weekend. I learnt quickly in my office life not to ask PC or photocopiers do do stuff FAST on a Friday afternoon. Keep warm Carol. We have mild but cloudy weather here in UK.

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