Good Thing

I decided to go out with Vernon and Daniel and check the water in the badlands.  The cows are out there right now, and all of their water tanks must be freed of ice.  All owners that have cattle out there rotate this job, so it makes the work load easier.

There also has been sightings of a wolf out there… including a supposed pawprint from just the other day, so with an inch of fresh snow on the ground, I was hoping to maybe cross his track as we drove on the big loop.  Odds would be against it, but I was armed with TWO cameras, just in case!

One thing was for sure… we saw a ton of eagles and antelope and sage chicken, one big mulie buck, coyote tracks… and cows!

mulie buck

Jaxon went along as well… and one of my favorite pics of the day had to be this… Three generations working together!


Although there hasn’t been a lot of snow, many of our young cows decided they wanted to come in, and were standing in the fence corner.  I volunteered myself and Eden to walk them out a ways.  Vernon said he’d come along as well.  I asked if he was sure… I hated to see him slip in the snow and pull his bad knee…  He assured me he was… and so we set off.  Twenty steps later, in my bulky Arctic Muck Boots, I stubbed my toe on a frozen cow turd and BAM! down I went!  No chance to put a hand out, no time for anything but realizing there was dirt and snow coming my way and I closed my eyes!!! Holy cow, I haven’t fallen like that for YEARS!  In fact, I think the last time that happened was when I was riding Willow and he got spooked and was just GONE.  I had no time to grab the horn or the reins, I just found myself looking up at the sky!!!  I managed to get a good case of whiplash out of that…  anyway… Vernon gave me a hand up and brushed off some snow and we kept on going.  I think my soreness tonight is partially from the two mile hike we made, and not just the fall!

I have many photos to share in the coming days… but none of a wolf or a pawprint… and that, in itself, is a Good Thing!


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  1. So your cows are grazing in the badlands along with the neighbors cows. This is open range ? What is the source of water for the cows ? Do you truck water out there and fill the water troughs ? If the source is an underground water line, what keeps the pipe from freezing. A water pipe can be buried deeply to keep it from freezing, but at some point the pipe has to come to the surface to fill the water trough.

    • This allotment is now fenced, so it isn’t really Open Range, just a big pasture. The water is from a well and the pipeline runs to various tanks. It is buried deeper than the frost line so it doesn’t freeze and as long as it runs a bit coming up to the tank, the pipe won’t freeze. The top of the water tank does, and so has to be cleaned of ice daily.

  2. Ouch!! I hope you’re not too awfully sore in the coming days! I like both of the pictures and hope there’s no more sign of the wolf.

  3. Love the three generation picture and the buck going over fence. We had a Big Horn Ram up here. I could have opened my car window and petted it. It came from Oregon. Don’t know where he went from here, but what a WOW moment. Of course, no camera.

  4. Great pictures-so glad you found your camera! Glad you weren’t hurt too much in the fall. Sometimes it’s actually better if you don’t put a hand out because it is way too easy to break a wrist (the voice of experience talking!). Be safe out there!

  5. Oopsie Daisy! Falls happen so quickly – I’m happy you jumped u, brushed yourself off, and were OK. You’re just a youngun’.

  6. Keys and glasses – they never are where their supposed to be in my house!
    Sometimes I’m ready to cry ‘cuz I can’t find them. Take a big breath and relax…they’ll appear.

    Love the first picture – nice action shot, beautiful composition with the swirls of snow outlining the hills and furrows.

    Glad you were not hurt in your fall! Things like that happen so fast, we can’t even prepare…such as: making a fist like skiers do. It protects your wrist from injury if you fall on an open hand.

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