Enjoy some more wildlife.

You know, I think about this… how much wildlife sightings are just the norm for me… oh, there’s deer. and antelope.  wild turkeys.  maybe some sage chickens or chukars or pheasant and ducks and geese… I still get excited over elk!  but, I see so many deer, etc., *every day* that it is just Normal (unless it’s a big buck!)

But in case you’re sitting in an office somewhere…

Here’s three little bitty whitetail bucks…

bucksAnd some antelope in snow… always difficult to spot!

antelope(You might want to double click the picture to make it larger!)

And last, but not least, two bald eagles in the tree and a flock of Canada Geese overhead.

eaglesI’ll try not to take all this for granted… and to share with you on occasion!


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  1. Oh, Carol, these pictures were wonderful! As the old song goes, “Where the deer and the antelope play” – I loved seeing those antelope and their unique markings. I’ve been hearing and seeing flocks of geese overhead flying south, and I’ve had 3 deer on my front lawn (once) and some wild turkeys across the street here in suburbia. The turkeys must live in a nearby wetlands. ANY nature photos you show us are always welcome.

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