Organic Nerf Ball

It warmed up into the 30˚’s today, with just the occasional breeze to chill it back down.  The guys said it was howling in the badlands when they were out checking the water lines.  I passed on going with them… there’s still things I want to make or do that I didn’t get finished BEFORE Christmas.  Now with the pressure off, I’m merrily still creating…

One simple thing that didn’t quite work out the way I had it planned… was wool dryer balls.  You know, those soft white wool balls that supposedly help dry clothes faster.  Well, I bought some over at Mountain Meadow Wool in Buffalo.  The plan was to give them to the grandkids as sort of an “organic” Nerf ball!  I was going to dye them and each kid would get one.

I tried my aniline dye from my Ukrainian eggs… it is bright and works great on eggs.  Unfortunately, the wool didn’t take the dye.  I don’t know why, but that plan was quickly erased.  I had to needle felt the colored wool onto the dryer balls instead.  Yes, if the kids pull it, it will come off… but I didn’t have a choice!  Let that be a lesson to me.

wool dryer ballsThey’re still soft… and bright… and a great “inside” ball.  And, yes, they are all complete now…


Organic Nerf Ball — 4 Comments

  1. Cute! I like the pink spotted one. I just wound wool yarn around a piece of old wool sweater to make dryer balls. My Mom has crocheted loads of soft balls for her many grandkids. They’re great for inside play.

  2. Charmingly-creative. Sandy would chew them up in no time, though. (I just use regular tennis balls in the dryer – didn’t even know there are special ones!)

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