Those Elk

Three days in a row, those elk have been hanging out alongside the highway… I couldn’t help myself… just had to take more pics!

oh haibe the treelike deeroutta here


Those Elk — 13 Comments

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  2. What a great picture with the elk jumping the fence. The other
    picture with the river, is that Ten Sleep creek or the Norwood ?

  3. Beautiful elk and snow! Your photo caught one elk jumping the fence in your last photo! So Cool! I love seeing their tracks going up the hill in the snow in the last photo too.

  4. Thnx for the pix Carol. I am Every So Jealous of where you live… Won’t make the snide comment about how much I like elk: Roast & Steak…

    • I grew up on deer and elk and antelope and whatever else Daddy could put in our freezer… though now it’s just pretty much beef! So I will agree with you that elk make good steaks!

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