Afternoon Job

I went along with Vernon this afternoon.  They’ve been turning cows into the home pastures the past few days… and noticed this young cow.  She’s been feeling a tad bit “off”… humped up, not moving much… so we decided to go haul her in.

Which precipitated a series of events…

Unload the four wheeler from the pickup where it seems to live these days.

Chain up the pickup.

chain up

(now there’s a talent going by the wayside… how many people know how to chain up a vehicle these days???)

Hitch up the horse trailer.

Load the four wheeler into the horse trailer.

Drive out to The Weaning Corral (close to an hour’s drive)… which is still standing, but its functionality runs about a D-… Leaning fence, no closable gates… oh, and don’t forget the snow is 8″-12″ deep…easy.

Unload the four wheeler.

Get the young cow into the corral… thankfully easily done.

Back up the horsetrailer into the gate.  Place a few portable panels in strategic position.

Load the young girl… again, easily done… good cow!


Drive home… unload cow, unload four wheeler, unhitch trailer, reload four wheeler onto pickup… and minus a few other details… that was our afternoon.  We’ll get a vet out to look at her soon.  But this evening… that leftover chili was sounding pretty good!



Afternoon Job — 5 Comments

  1. All I can say is, “Hats Off” to your guys! So many pieces of equipment to
    coordinate for this cold job. And I do hope the young cow is doing better.

  2. Many years ago, I was driving over Teton Pass into Wyoming. My pickup lost traction and I had to stop to put chains on. A couple of road maintenance guys were nearby, and watched as I got out, hauled the chains out, and started putting them on. THEN they came over and offered to help. They said they had waited to watch the show, but it looked like I knew what I was doing, so they came to help. Twerps! But far be it from me to turn down their offer to lay around in the snow putting my chains on!!

    • I’m glad Vernon did it, they were sized for our old pickup tires and pliers and hammer were needed… and laying in the snow just isn’t that much fun. Glad they finally came to help…

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