Never Once

I was prepared to be cold today.  All the ranches were going to do the final gather of the stock out in our allotment… which meant riding horseback and covering some country.

But Tess called to volunteer… if I’d watch her kids… and Megan said she’d ride… if I’d watch her kids… so I was brave and watched four kids and let the girls go cowboy!

After a pancake breakfast and a showing of Cinderella… I marched the four of them outside to go feed and water the chickens and go sledding!!!  Yes, it was in the teens… but it was sunny and we had a blast!  And I want you to know I made it the farthest… down the hill, by my house, and clear to the garage on my runner sled!  Oh, YEAH!

We were out for over two hours, and if they hadn’t been starving, we could have stayed out longer… but before you know it, Vernon was home.  Then Brandon and the girls… and Daniel straggled in there at the end.  I built the girls a fire to warm their toes up… and fed them all… and never once today was I cold!

Thanks for cowboying, girls!



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  1. Brought back some great memories for me. My Dad always knew where to take us for winter fun with our sleds. And he always made an ice rink out of half most of the back yard: we tromped the snow down hard, he spent a lot of time with the spraying with the garden hose til we had our rink! I’m feeling young today!

    • My dad made us a rink in our backyard too… 2×4 frame, plastic, garden hose… then he made a zamboni kind of thing to spread out water on the ice so it was glassy smooth. We had cool dads.

  2. You have two great daughters-in-law, and they have a wonderful mother-in-law! It sounds like you and the kiddos had a wonderful day.

  3. when I was a kid growing up on our Iowa farm we couldn’t wait to get the sleds out, real sleds,wood with steel runners!

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