Washing Dishes

Time and warmth enough to finally take down my outside Christmas lights… It was horribly warm yesterday… 45˚.  Now my house is surrounded by a snowy ice rink, where you take your life in your hands walking on my front sidewalk, out to the chicken coop, or simply climbing into your car.

I *HATE* when it warms up like this!  Stay cold or  thaw it all, but creating this ice rink is just dangerous.  And not just to us pitiful two leggeds, but we’ve had more than one cow slough her calf or twist her uterus falling on ice.


Nevertheless, I had donned my chained up muck boots and teetered out to help the boys.  Thankfully, we took four wheelers to repatriate a wayward cow and bring Daniel’s herd up to the corral so he could haul them to his house.

passengerfollowcrossingIt was an easy enough job… and they certainly don’t need my help… but why would I ever chose washing dishes over this???


Washing Dishes — 5 Comments

  1. I’m hoping we don’t get treacherous ice here next week, since the forecast says it’s supposed to get rather warm with rain. Maybe it’ll change before then. It’s pretty bitter right now.

  2. Outside is almost always better. Where I live (So Cal) 40 anything is not warm, but we don’t have snow here in the lowlands, just the very occasional hard frost which makes the peach tree happy.

    The repatriated cow wouldn’t be the one that was sick earlier, would it?

    Oh, in answer to the Peter Cottontail question the other day, he was bringing lots of Easter joys (or toys, I’m not sure which) to all the girls and boys. I promise I didn’t Google it; my memory finally kicked in!

    Love your pictures.

  3. I agree – I’d rather be outside anyday than wash dishes, dust etc. We have about the same weather right now as you. I deal with a treacherous driveway that has an incline down into the garage – very slippery. Nice pictures of the cow round up!

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