Missed out on cow work AGAIN… argh.

I went to a doctor’s appointment instead.  In fact, I went to two doctors and one veterinarian today… and actually enjoyed all my visits!

The Good Doctor was in the midst of a debate with his staff and whatever customers came walking through his door as well… and I jumped right in.  While this blog isn’t about controversial topics (there are quite enough of those), I wasn’t too shy about sharing my feelings with The Good Doctor!  If nothing else, we get a good laugh together!  We may not quite agree, but are willing to concede points to one another!  We often learn a great deal from each other…

(Along those lines, dear little Eden’s hips have scored GOOD with OFA… meaning she won’t pass on hip dyplasia to any puppies she may have in the future!  Yay!  Thanks to the Good Doctor for taking such good xrays!)

My eye doctor gave me new contacts… and I found out that eyes can have calluses!  True story!  It seems that the whites of our eyes, like skin, will build up layers when exposed to rough conditions, like dry, dusty, bright areas… kind of like… WYOMING.  People that live in more humid areas don’t get “calluses” on their eyes like we do.  My new contacts sit inside the callus on the white of my eye, and may be trickier to remove until I get used to them.

Someday, you could win a trivia game with that!

My medical doctor told me the white thing in the back of my throat was a Tonsil Stone.  I have yet to find someone that even had HEARD of tonsil stones!  Well, now you have.  An irritation in the tonsil can create “stones” that can be simply scraped off… are you grossed out yet??? OK, no more details…

Anyway… bonus points at your next trivia game, thanks to me.

You’re welcome.

Hey, ranchlife can’t be about cowboys every day!!!!




Trivia — 5 Comments

  1. Interesting. Have sent my daughter this info as my grandson is having bouts of tonsillitis at least every month with very high temperatures . Good luck with with your contacts and throat.

  2. I have now learned about two new strange medical problems that I had never heard of before–you are very interesting, Carol!! Thanks! 😉

  3. I have had the tonsil stones on more than one occasion, but didn’t know they had a name! I think I’ve read lots of things here yuckier than that LOL! (At least for non-cow folks). Good for you for listening and learning. May we all try to do that more!

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