Chicken Hunt

Every other day is turning into a chicken hunt.

I could lock them up… but I don’t… so… we look here… and there.

chuteEden digs one out from under the loading chute…

bumpLucas bumps a couple with his nose.  They’re in deep snow and don’t want to walk!

lineThree lead the way clear up by the horse trailer… Lucas is impatiently bringing the laggards along.

leftThen it’s a left turn to the coop and they can lay some eggs!


Hey… I think I’m overdue for a Q&A session… I see there’s a couple in the comments already… let’s add some more and I’ll answer them soon!  Ask away, people!


Chicken Hunt — 3 Comments

  1. Love your fur babies “herding” chickens! I don’t miss the days of rounding up hens, though I do miss the fresh eggs. When you get old some things just aren’t worth it!!

  2. no question, just a comment, I love your chicken herd’n dogs!!We kept ours in the chicken house once they started laying, no challenge to find eggs in the “roll away” nests-

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