Wordless Wednesday – “Little Red”


previewLittle Red Puzzle


I’m looking for questions for my next Q&A spot.  Anyone want to ask me something? Post it in the comment section!


Wordless Wednesday – “Little Red” — 5 Comments

  1. Do you have to worry about predation with the chickens? Do they realize that it’s best to get into the coop at night? The dogs seem to be good at rounding the chickens up. I envy you your fresh eggs!

  2. Maybe you have shared before & I missed it. I’m wondering what kind of camera you use. It takes beautiful pictures. Have you taken photography classes?

  3. Question for you. When I was out in Wyoming the air was so dry and I had a terrible time with dry skin. How do you deal with that? Do you have some special lotion?

  4. I’ve been thinking, on our Iowa farm we had 10-12 cows,in the winter we had a tank heater in the stock tank in the barn yard for them. If a rancher has several hundred or a thousand cows on pasture,how do you keep water for them? or do they just eat snow-

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