Quiet Evening

Our evenings are pretty quiet around here… a little tv, a little crafting, a little reading, maybe some snoring… but our doorbell rang tonight.

A neighbor girl stopped in to tell us she had just seen a mountain lion on the highway a few miles up the road by our other place.  She said it just sat there in her headlights and didn’t seem to be in a big hurry to get off the road.  She actually mentioned if I wanted to go back and get a photo, it’d be great to put it on my blog!  Well, righty-o then!

We threw on our coats and climbed in the Durango to go see what we could see.

Well, unfortunately, (or is that fortunately?), we didn’t see the kitty cat, but we did see her tracks!

lionShe left the highway here… and went down into the draw until our neighbor left… then came back and crossed the road.

lionI decided my foot may not be a good indicator of size…

lionSo here’s my hand… almost on top of the snow…

I may go get some more pics in daylight tomorrow… and not get too far from my vehicle!


There’s still time for Questions for the Q&A session… post ’em here…


Quiet Evening — 7 Comments

  1. My dad sent me a picture recently of a giant mountain lion one of his neighbors killed right near my dad’s cattle ranch in New Mexico. Sad to see it dead, but it was enormous! (And beautiful!)

  2. I love hunting Mt. Lions!! I’ve shot a huge 200+ pretty red cinnamon Tom. My baby. Tryimg to figure out how to afford to pay for a full body mount. I love the rush. Who the heck needs drugs, or alcohol when there’s hunting!

  3. Hi Carol, Have you ever encounteted a Mountain Lion on your prperty or one of your cattle drives? As these are considered preditors to your ranch livestock, is it legal to shoot them? Have any of your dogs had encounters while out?

  4. Ohhh stay safe while you photo that lion. My question. When branding time is here how do you decide what to cook for meals? Does some food have to travel to the branding site or do you brand nearer your home? Will the weather (warm or cold ) make a difference to what you chose to cook?

  5. Brings to mind the question of how your cattle fare with regard to predation; cougars, wolves, coyotes, bears and their ilk?

    Have seen two (and not for very long) in the wild, one in the White Mtns of Colo and one in the Wenaha Wilderness of NE Oregon. It does make you kind of tingly all over and set you to wondering ‘now where did it go’?

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