Not For Everyone

Holy chinook, Batman!  We’ve had a warm wind blowing and all our snow is now slush… or ice.

Bleh.  That’s Bleh with a capital H.

Poor Brandon’s got a black eye from falling into a metal gate while graining the calves.  He was carrying buckets of grain and couldn’t catch himself.  He could have probably used a stitch or two, but he’ll just probably have another scar to add to his collection.  I told him I’d try to write a good story about it… like rescuing Megan and the kids from the local mountain lion and the lion scratched him on the eye… or saving a baby kitten from a marauding eagle and a talon scraped him as the eagle flew by… but it’s late and so I just shared the truth instead!  His poor eye is swollen almost shut and all I could think was “I need a leech to suck out that blood!”  You can tell I’ve been reading Outlander for too long…

I was also going to do the Q&A session tonight, but we attended a special dinner tonight hosted by Select Sires.  Daniel is a salesman for them and he organized this in Worland.  75+ people attended which I thought was a great turnout.  We had delicious prime rib, baked potato, and salad bar… which is one of our favorite meals!

I really haven’t lived anywhere else except as a kid and young adult… but these kind of promotional meetings are fairly typical around here.  You are invited if you use a product or are interested in a product… You listen to a saleman’s spiel, then eat your free dinner, possibly win a door prize, take your informational handout, and go home.  No hard sell.  No further contact unless you arrange something at the meeting.  You can visit one on one with the salesman that night, or think on it a while… and evidently this laid back sales tactic is successful, because we’ve gone to many of these!

Of course, the topic might put off some city folks of finer sensibilities… I mean, really?  Truth in advertising would put it like this:  Come listen to us talk about bull semen, artificial insemination, calf birth weights, PAP scores, calving ease, and semen motility… and then, let’s eat!!!

It *is* interesting, believe me, but maybe not for everyone.


Not For Everyone — 6 Comments

  1. My Dad was an ABS rep and my Mom struggled with the “oddness” of it… For me it was just farming life and I found it very interesting. I used to love browsing through the bull books. There were kids in school who tried to tease me about it, but I thought they were crazy and maybe a bit too “city.” lol

    • We used ABS for years. My kids all grew up looking at bull catalogs… it’s just second nature… but very peculiar when you tell someone your son sells semen!

  2. Sounds pretty interesting to me! I always like to learn about new things! ;-} And those things would be NEW!! Ha! The meal sounds great too!

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