Doin’ Her Thing

My journaling class was a success… I think my 12 attendees had a good time. That’s about all we can fit into our little room at tables, so it was perfect!



It’s continuing to melt RAPIDLY around here.  Fifty degrees will do that!  Every little depression or draw is now home to a river of snowmelt.  Ice still covers the flats.

Vernon mentioned ice jams once… and sure enough, one started building up behind Daniel’s house.  Watch out down the creek!  Water is flowing over the ice as well, and it causing problems in other parts of the state already.

This is Johnny’s driveway… usually home to a snowmelt “stream” of a couple of feet wide… It has now become a snowmelt “river”!

snowmeltEh, it doesn’t seem to bother this red tail hawk… It’s just Mother Nature… doin’ her thing.

redtail hawk



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  1. I am amazed at the thickness of that ice! Wow, we have had an unusually mild and (not unusually) dry winter here in NM. Very impressive! And great photos BTW.

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