Greeley Hat Works – #Hatisfaction

So, Vernon comes home for lunch yesterday and says, “Let’s go get your hat!”

“Now?  Like, RIGHT NOW?”

“Unless you don’t want to…”

Carol knows the weather and roads are nice.  Carol knows calving season will start NEXT WEEK.  Carol knows VERNON DOESN’T GO ANYWHERE during calving season.  Carol is a smart girl.

I throw stuff together and we’re off!

I can tell you more of the trip later… but… hey, isn’t this story about CUSTOM COWBOY HATS????

It’s been a LOOOOONG time since I won the custom cowboy hat through a contest in Beef Magazine.  But since I took forever to get there in the first place, it sure wasn’t the fault of Greeley Hat Works that I was *finally* picking it up.

We had made it as far as Cheyenne last night before we were starvatated and had to stop!  Plus my chauffeur was getting tired… We made it to Greeley, Colorado this morning in good time… Good enough that Greeley Hat Works wasn’t even open to the public yet!  However, remember Travis who helped me last time I was there??? Well, he saw us, our Wyoming license plates, and opened his doors to us ’cause he’s such a nice guy!  Extra points for customer service!!!!

Of course, my hat came out looking like a big round topped and flat brimmed monstrosity… but Travis quickly went to shaping it and turned it into a beautiful creature!  He’s got the touch!

(yes, I took pics, yes, I’ll share… but tonight… here she is!!!)

custom hatYes, it’s stamped with my name… and brand… and the liner inside is turquoise, no surprise to any of my friends!

custom hatIt has a tan brim edging… and simple brown hat band.  The crown is shaped slightly tilted down in front, up in back…

custom hatSee?  I prefer this photo, but I know the rest of you want to see my face!  All I can say is, I’m happy to have such a wonderful personality!

custom hatA HUGE THANK YOU  to Travis, Greeley Hat Works (go see them and tell ’em I sent you!), and Beef Magazine for putting on photo contests with great prizes! (that’s you, Amanda R.!)  I definitely love having some #Hatisfaction!



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  1. Wonderful! Congrats. Love the Longmier-ish pose, but like your smiley, friendly and lovely face better. The hat, with its light colored brim is stylish and perfect.

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