Mud Season

The snow is disappearing quickly… Mud Season is here!  Plus it began RAINING  tonight, just as we were getting a few spots actually DRY.

The heifers are in the calving pasture… Daniel’s keeping a close watch because it’s about time for babies!

I enlisted Tess and Megan to help me reorganize my craft room downstairs… Trash was pitched.  Stuff hauled out to the studio. (Which, oddly enough, now needs organized as well!) My craft room is now a sewing room/craft room.  Who knew I had so much quilting, fabric (including OLD quilt tops and flour sack fabric), and wool???

My paints are also down there simply because they will freeze out in my studio.

Yes, I still have too many supplies in the Indian room, but, hey, I’m finishing up braiding some reins (finally) and making Lacee new zentangled shoes… and at least I *feel* more organized!!!  Thanks, girls!

I’m hoping for an adventure tomorrow that I can share…




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  1. Time to wish you all a successful calving season: easy births (especially for the momma cows) and lots of nice, healthy calves. 🙂

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