Eight Strand Gaucho Braid

I haven’t made a movie in a Very Long Time.  Since I just finished braiding my reins on our trip to Colorado, I decided to film that tutorial.  It’s one of the most difficult braids I’ve done because it’s is very hard to find where you left off if you get interrupted!

In fact, I had to do three takes on my video because I messed up twice!!! Then I sound like I’m a drill sergeant on this take… don’t ask me why.  I was trying to do it precisely and fast… I hate videos where people just rattle on and on.  Give me a break, people, teach me and let me go!!

I tried to finish my “keepers”, aka turk’s head knots, but discovered my scrap pieces aren’t long enough, so I’ll have to go out to the studio and get more paracord… but not tonight!

Anyway, for those of you who like round reins (or dog leashes) this video is for you.  This is a larger size than what I’ve made before.  I’m hoping they’ll be easier to hold since sometimes my fingers get stiff anymore…

8 Strand Gaucho Braid from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


Eight Strand Gaucho Braid — 4 Comments

  1. So the right always does a two strand weave but it goes under then over, on the next it goes over under. The left does a over one under two over one then a under one over two under one.
    From what I see the blue’s on each side always do the same thing depending if it is left or right and the same with the gray.
    If my brain has it right.
    Anyway got to get my Para cord out and try.

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