Multiple Personality Disorder

From nice, warm, springlike days to sunny but windy days, to flat out blizzard conditions… oh, goody for you, Wyoming!  You have your multiple personality disorder in fine form!



Multiple Personality Disorder — 4 Comments

  1. Spring to winter to spring to who knows what seems to be the norm in many places, although here in Southern California all of you would laugh at me if I tell you our temperature swings. At least we finally got rain.

    Do the new calves and their moms stay in a barn for a while or do they just hunker down and keep each other warm? You may have answered this one before, but I’ve forgotten.

  2. Baxter Black said (paraphrased and from his days as a veterinarian) that March in the Rockies is The Cruelest Month of all… The Promise of Spring one minute and the Return to Winter the next… Ever read any of his stories about calving season?

    April is only 4 weeks away Carol…

    My question: You ready to sell me that copper wire buffalo yet???

  3. Ohhh keep warm Carol. Hope it gets warmer for those calves that will be arriving. My question. How do you decide how long to keep Mama cows being Mamas? Do they get worn out after so many ‘babies’?

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