Ready (Finally)

I started this little item in October for Victoria’s November birthday.

I made it WAY too big, so I tore it apart.

Then, I added WAY too many beads so that it was just all cluttered, so I tore it apart.

Next, I liked what I did… and I’m NOT tearing it apart!

Hey, Toria!  Your birthday present is ready (finally 😉 )!!!!



Ready (Finally) — 10 Comments

  1. That is lovely! I’m debating with myself whether to tear out or try to fix a project I’m working on. It’s been sitting for a month plus while I’ve been debating. Fortunately, it’s not someone’s birthday present!

    • Yeah, lots of time in between attempts on this thing… It’s still rather big, but I did buy her another present when I knew this one wasn’t going to make it!!!

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