One thing about the side by side… when a calf needs to return to its momma… It works perfectly!

Caught, hobbled with bungee cords, and whisked back 1.5 miles… with Lucas kicked into the front seat!

calfI drove around, looking for mom.  Sure enough, on the far side of the field, trudging up a STEEP bank (one I wouldn’t even WALK down), here came mom.  Giving a pitiful imitation of a calf’s meehhhhh, I convinced her to stop while I released her baby.

reunitedThirty seconds later, they’re together again… Reunited!  Supper quickly followed…


Reunited — 3 Comments

  1. Nice ending to yesterday’s story. And I hope your computer issues improve
    for you – I’ve been told I need to run the C-cleaner etc. every week!

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